Easy Pandan Chiffon Recipe/ Cara Mudah Membuat Chiffon Pandan/ 潘丹雪纺蛋糕做法

Easy Pandan Chiffon Recipe, this recipe is super easy! Kids can also help to make it. My sons, they were too young, they watched me made this, and tried to help, but got lots of ‘shusshh’ and ‘noooo’ from me! Wait till you guys older okay? 🙂

The key to a good and high chiffon is the consistency of the egg white. The egg white needs to be on stiff peak, but not over. Make sure to fold all other ingredients but not to deflate the egg white.

The cake is baked in quite low temperature for quite some time, so it can slowly raise and hold it’s shape. After out of from the oven, make sure to cool it upside down with a long neck bottle (like wine or soysauce bottle).
I was not ‘gently’ enough when taking out the cake from the pan, so my cake was not perfect and smooth! As I was going to bring it to my son’s playgroup to share with others kids and moms, I decorate it with hundreds and thousand! And also to cover the imperfection ;D.

The cake tasted beautiful, with a hint of sweetness from the coconut cream, and fragrant aroma of pandan. This is the easy recipe, so I used pandan essence, but if you want to make your own pandan juice, make sure it is thick and concentrated. We don’t want to add a lot of liquid (pandan juice) to the cake batter, because it will thin in out, so in this case, pandan essence is the best choice!

Pandan Chiffon Cake Recipe, made 1 chiffon cake:

7 egg whites
1 tbsp lemon juice or 1/2 tsp cream of tar tar
120 gr white sugar
pinch of salt
7 yolks
125 gr coconut cream
80 gr vegetable oil
150 gr cake flour/ low protein flour/ plain flour
1 tsp pandan essence

Resep Chiffon Pandan, untuk 1 loyang chiffon:

7 butir telur putih
1 sdm air jeruk lemon/ nipis atau 1/2 sdt cream of tar tar
120 gr gula pasir
garam sejumput
7 butir kuning telur
125 gr santan kental
80 gr minyak makan atau minyak goreng
150 gr tepung terigu kunci
1 sdt pasta pandan

Easy Basic Butter Cake Recipe/ Resep Dasar Kue Mentega/ 简单黄油蛋糕

Butter cake, nyum nyum.. When I first heard the name, I was afraid of the amount of ‘butter’ that would be inside beautiful yellow crumbly piece of cake. When I came across the recipe, I was surprised that the amount of butter is quite reasonable for a cake recipe, not overly heavily loaded with butter, like I first thought. This cake is very basic and easy, I think everyone can make it.

First step is to beat the butter and sugar until pale and fluffy before adding egg one at a time. Next, the flour and milk are added alternately until all are incorporated and the final batter has a thick consistency. The cake usually baked in square pan, but if you want to have something fancier, bundt pan or round oval cake pan can be an option too.

The cake itself tasted like vanilla cake, but more crumbly, and soft in my opinion. The addition of vanilla bring out the aroma and buttery taste, and sometimes I would like to add a bit of lemon zest just to give a bit of lemony flavour. There are so many variations you can play with, you can add lemon or orange zest and juice, passionfruit juice and pulp, and berries when they are in season. Super easy and tasty, perfect for afternoon snack.

Butter Cake Recipe, for 20 cm square pan or 22 cm round pan or 22 cm bundt pan:

250 gr butter softened at room temperature
240 gr white granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 eggs room temperature
370 gr all purpose flour/ plain flour
1.5 tbsp or 18 gr baking powder
180 ml milk
2 tbsp icing sugar for decorating


Watch video tutorial how to make them:



Cake mentega, hm.. denger dari namanya saja sudah kebayang jumlah kalori sepotong kue ini. Tapi setelah dilihat resepnya, sebenarnya jumlah mentega yang dipakai masih cukup normal kok untuk ukuran pembuatan kue. Tidak terlalu berlebihan mentega-nya seperti yang aku bayangkan.  Kue ini mudah dan cepat pembuatannya, aku rasa semua pasti bisa membuatnya.

Pertama-tama, mentega dan gula dikocok atau mixer sampai pucat dan mengembang sebelum ditambahkan telur satu persatu. Setelah telur tercampur rata, baru tepung dan susu dimasukan bergantian hingga tercampur rata. Adonannya jadinya super kental, dan siap dipanggang. Biasanya loyang yang digunakan untuk butter cake adalah loyang persegi, tapi loyang bentuk lain juga oke, asal jangan terlalu besar, nanti kue-nya pendek, atau terlalu kecil, nanti berleber.

Kalau mau buat variasi lain juga bisa, seperti ditambahkan parutan kulit lemon atau jeruk, dan perasan air jeruknya. Rasa lain yang mau kucoba nanti adalah dengan buah markisa, pasti seger seger gimana gitu deh :).

Butter Cake, untuk loyang persegi 20 cm, atau bulat 22 cm dan bundt 22 cm.

250 gr mentega lembek suhu ruang. Gunakan mentega yang oke kualitasnya, supaya rasa kue-nya nanti enak.
240 gr gula pasir
1 sdt vanilla extract
3 butir telur suhu ruang
370 gr tepung terigu
1.5 sdm atau 18 gr baking powder
180 ml susu
2 sdm gula halus untuk taburan

Oreo Black Charcoal Roll Cake/ Bolu Gulung Hitam Oreo/ 奥利奥 卷蛋糕

Hai, another post with another cake roll recipe. Actually while I am typing for the tittle, I was a bit confused. Is it cake roll or roll cake? When I tried to google it, some of the recipes came out with ‘cake roll’ and some with ‘roll cake’. Well, confused as before! 😛
This cake roll/ roll cake is very sophisticated, with the black color and the black bit from the crushed oreo in the cream. Very cool for moustache party/ similar kind ;p. I like to make this roll cake, it was really fun, the black colour turned out very nice. I used activated charcoal, food grade of course. I bought a jar of activated charcoal weight 200 gr to make the so popular charcoal peeling mask. It turned out I only need a couple of teaspoon of it, so I still have a lot of it. What would I do with the rest of it, bake some cake!!! 😀

This recipe is the same as my other roll cake recipe, like my matcha roll cake recipe, never failed me. So soft and fluffy, and most of the time, it won’t break when rolled. I just modified with the addition of cocoa powder and charcoal powder to make it like Oreo, so delicious!

Oreo Black Charcoal roll cake (11 x 14 inch) or 28 x 36 cm rectangular pan:
5 egg whites
1 tsp lemon juice/ 1/4 tsp cream of tar tar
100 gr sugar
5 egg yolks
75 gr vegetable oil (I used canola oil)
110 ml milk
100 gr cake flour or all purpose flour
20 gr cocoa powder
5 gr food grade charcoal powder/ black food colorant

200 ml whipped cream or thickened cream or half and half
30 gr sugar
100 gr oreo crushed

Watch video tutorial here:


Bolu gulung hitam oreo ini warnanya hitam, warna yang agak tidak biasa kalau untuk kue. Hasilnya cantik dan bisa dibilang keren, 😀 Warna hitam ini didapatkan dari bubuk arang yang food grade, tapi kalau susah mendapatkan bubuk arang, pakai pewarna makanan warna hitam juga bisa kok. Bubuk arang ini kubeli dengan tujuan untuk bikin masker peeling arang yang lagi kekinian banget, hehe. Masih sisa banyak, bingung mau diapain, yah coba-coba bikin kue. jadinya oke juga! 😉
Resep bolu gulung ini hampir sama dengan resep bolu gulung lain, resep bolu gulung matcha, cuma dimodifikasi sedikit dengan bubuk coklat dan bubuk arang tentunya! Kue gulung ini kalau dibikin buat arisan, mungkin oke ya, tapi rasanya kalau untuk ulang tahun, jangan dulu deh 🙂
Selamat mencoba ya! 😀

Bolu gulung hitam oreo (11 x 14 inch) atau 28 x 36 cm loyang persegi panjang:
5 putih telur
1 tsp lemon juice/ 1/4 sdt cream of tar tar
100 gr gula
5 telur kuning
75 gr minyak sayur (aku pakai minyak canola)
110 ml susu cair
100 gr tepung terigu
20 gr tepung coklat cocoa
5 gr tepung arang food grade/ pewarna makanan hitam

Isian krim:
200 ml krim kocok atau whipping cream
30 gr gula pasir
100 gr oreo, hancurkan kasar

Mango Coconut Sago Jelly/ Agar-agar mangga biji mutiara kelapa/ 芒果椰子西米果冻

Since I was kid, usually agar-agar jelly was one of my favourite snack for afternoon tea or just after lunch dessert. As I am growing up, I made them less and less frequent. Usually I just made them plain, with plain white agar-agar, or when I feel a bit different, I would use flavoured pack. When I feel like I want to get fancier, I would like to use fruit puree or juice and milk to make it more special. This recipe with mango is not a traditional Indonesian recipe, we usually like our agar-agar jelly plain. This is more like Thailand/ Hongkong type of dessert. Mango, coconut and sago pearl, they kind of match together. So, here is the recipe to make this easy, simple yet delicious dessert jelly.

Recipe for total volume 1 liter of jelly.

Mango layer:
2-4 mangoes depend on size, to make up 250-500 ml of puree. More mango part to water part will result in deeper orange colour and tastier jelly. I did mine at 250 ml puree.
Water adequately to make up total volume 800 ml.
1 pack of agar-agar Swallow brand, approximately 7 gr. Or other agar-agar brand, adjust and read the instruction on agar-agar to water ratio.
50-80 gr sugar, depends on taste.

For coconut sago layer:
200 ml coconut milk
150 ml water
40 gr small tapioca pearl
1/2 tsp salt
2 gr agar-agar powder, around 3/4 tsp
Pandan leaves, 10 cm (optional)

Watch how to make them here:

Resep untuk total volume 1 liter agar-agar jelly:

Lapisan mangga:
2-4 buah mangga, tergantung ukuran. Untuk membuat 250-500 ml jus mangga. Semakin banyak bagian mangga daripada bagian air, hasil akhir akan lebih orange warnanya, dan rasanya lebih enak. Aku buat di 250 ml jus mangga.
Air secukupnya hingga volume mencapai 800 ml.
1 bungkus agar-agar plain/ putih merek swallow. Atau kalau pakai agar-agar bubuk merek lain, baca ratio agar-agar dan air ya.
50-80 gr gula, tergantung selera.

Lapisan kelapa mutiara:
200 ml santan
150 ml air
40 gr biji mutiara
1/2 tsp garam
2 gr agar-agar, sekitar 3/4 sdt
Pandan 10 cm, opsional.

Cara pembuatannya bisa dilihat di youtube ya!
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Strawberry Ogura Cake Recipe/ Resep Kue Ogura Stoberi/ 草莓相思蛋糕

Strawberry Ogura Cake Recipe/ Resep Kue Ogura Stoberi/ 草莓相思蛋糕Valentine’s day is only a few days left! Have you got plan with your loved one? 😀 My hubby told me he was going to buy me flower and teddy bear with a heart, and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please just save me the money for the Europe trip ;p
Haha, it was not like you know when you were just a boyfriend and a girlfriend, where flower, chocolate and teddy bear is kind of Valentine’s day thing. It is something more for now, not just two of us, but for family. Well, sometimes, it is nice to have something like that to spice up the romance, but I guess this year I am not really into flower and teddy bear, hehe.
Even so, I would like to bake something for my hubby and my kids this Valentine’s day. Something pink and sweet (but not too sweet, because my hubby doesn’t like sweet, and it is not too good for kids’ teeth if it is too sweet).

Anyway, I came across this Instagram profile long time ago @tintinrayner. She has lots of beautiful delicious looking cake and bread! All are so pretty and cute, with recipe too! Some of her photos are about ogura cake. I never made ogura cake before, one of the reason because it takes 60 minutes to bake. I got no patience for just a pan of cake ;*, but because of her beautiful gallery, I tried. And I love it! Ogura cake is so fluffy, light and pretty low in calorie, so I can eat half pan of cake without too much worry (ooppsie ;p).
So, the recipe comes from Instagram profile @tintinrayer with a little bit of modification.

Strawberry Ogura Cake Recipe, makes 8 inch or 20 cm square cake pan:

5 egg whites
1/8 tsp cream of tartar or 1/2 tsp lemon juice
70 gr sugar
pink food coloring
5 yolks plus 1 whole egg
90 gr cake flour
50 gr oil (I used canola oil)
125 gr fresh strawberry blended to puree

watch VIDEO TUTORIAL how to make them together:

My hubby came back home today with one bunch of flower and one pot of flower! 😮 So surprised! Asked him how much he spent for them, he didn’t want to tell me, but then finally he told me, they were on sale! :O Hahaha, he also brought crispy pork belly from Hongkong BBQ shop, and that was actually all I want for Valentine’s day, ;p!

Cake ogura stroberi, teksturnya lembut, rasanya tidak terlalu manis, ditambah dengan puree stroberi, ada aroma lembut stroberi yang manis. Kue ini cocok banget untuk hari Valentine, buat ngopi ngeteh sore sama teman, pasangan atau keluarga kamu.
Suami ku orangnya ga suka manis, ga suka makan kue dessert, jadinya tiap kali bikin kue, ga ada yang makan deh. Anak-anak masih kecil, ga bisa makan manis-manis terlalu banyak. Jadinya, setiap bikin kue yang berat dan pake buttercream , mau-nya bikin agak kecil, soalnya bisa ga habis, cuman aku yang makan.

Kue ogura ini sebenarnya perlu dipanggang dengan waktu cukup lama, 60 menit di oven dengan metode steam air panas. Awal awal liat resep ini, rasanya ga mau bikin karena waktu panggang-nya yang lama. Tapi setelah ngikutin instagram @tintinrayner yang penuh dengan foto-foto kue yang cantik dan nyummy, tergoda lah aku untuk buat ogura cake. Resep ogura cake ini aku ikutin resep strawberry yoghurt ogura cake-nya ci @tintinrayner, cuma aku modifikasi sedikit, tanpa yoghurt dan kurangin gula-nya karena suami-ku ga suka manis. ;D

Resep Kue Ogura Stroberi, untuk loyang 8 inci atau 20 cm persegi

5 telur putih
1/8 sdt cream of tartar atau 1/2 sdt air jeruk lemon atau limau
70 gr gula pasir
pewarna makanan pink
5 kuning telur plus 1 telur utuh
90 gr tepung terigu protein rendah (kunci biru)
50 gr minyak makan (aku pakai minyak canola)
125 gr stroberi segar diblender.

Two Ingredients Chocolate Ice Cream (Two Recipes)/ Dua Bahan Ice Cream Cokelat/简单两种成分巧克力冰淇淋

Two ingredients chocolate ice cream (two recipes)/ Dua bahan ice cream cokelat/简单两种成分巧克力冰淇淋, so easy to make and very simple. Currently it is summer in Australia, we have hot Christmas day, New Year day, Chinese New Year day and hopefully very hot Valentine day :). I made these ice cream for my family. For the kids, I gave them the ‘healthy’ one, but the youngest one is still 10 months old, so I  just let him taste a little bit of the chocolate. To get a very rich chocolate taste, use high quality chocolate, and dark chocolate. I made them with dark chocolate, but if you prefer something sweeter, milk chocolate will do the job too.
Perfect for Valentine’s day! *kiss kiss*

The recipe makes 4 small serve, so you can double it to make more and save time!

Recipe no.1 Chocolate Ice Cream (Gluten, Nuts, Sugar  Free ;))

200 ml whipping cream or thickened cream or half half
50 gr melted dark chocolate (use high quality) or milk chocolate (for sweeter taste)

Recipe no.2 Chocolate Banana Ice Cream (Gluten, Nuts, Sugar, Dairy Free ;))

2 ripe bananas
50 gr melted dark chocolate (use high quality) or milk chocolate (for sweeter taste)


Es krim cokelat dengan 2 bahan saja? Gampang dan cepat bikinnya, enak rasanya. 😉 Sekarang lagi musim panas di Australia. Karena disini kebalikan dari negara Eropa, jadi kalau musim dingin di Eropa, di Australia musim panas. Kita punya hari Natal, Tahun Baru, Imlek, dan Valentine yang panas! Uuuh.. hot! 😉 Resep ini ada 2, yang pertama pakai krim kocok dan yang kedua pakai pisang. Aku buat yang pakai pisang untuk anak-anak, supaya lebih sehat ada buahnya. Di video ini, aku coba test ke anak ke-dua ku yang baru 10 bulan. Cuma kasih icip dikit saja, soalnya masih terlalu kecil, jangan dikasih makan cokelat kebanyakan. Mami-nya yang habisin porsi bagian dia deh.

Resep no.1 Ice Cream Cokelat (Gluten, Nuts, Sugar  Free ;))

200 ml krim kocok (yang segar kalau bisa, jangan yang powder)
50 gr cokelat leleh (pakai yang enak kualitas bagus), kalau mau lebih manis bisa pakai cokelat susu leleh

Resep no.2 Ice Cream Pisang Cokelat (Gluten, Nuts, Sugar, Dairy Free ;))

2 buah pisang sunpride matang
50 gr cokelat leleh (pakai yang enak kualitas bagus), kalau mau lebih manis bisa pakai cokelat susu leleh

Selamat mencoba!
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pineapple Tart Recipe/ Resep Nastar Nanas/ 菠萝馅做法


Happy Chinese New Year 2017! Let us welcome the year of rooster with big smile and hands are full with pineapple tart to munch! Nyum nyum nyum! ;D
Pineapple tart or “nastar nanas” is one of a MUST thing to be served during celebration day, like Chinese New Year, or “Lebaran”. I think it is only served in some part of South East Asia, and some part of China though. Because my Chinese husband and his family has never seen this tart until I made this for them. Oh, and they love it so much! I remember when we were still girlfriend and boyfriend, I would made this and he would took it back to China for his family. Good way to get your future in law point! ;D

A bit of googling, this pineapple tart was originated from Dutch. During the Dutch invasion in Indonesia, they crave for their homemade tart, which is usually filled with apple and blueberry. But because at that time, apple and blueberry were very difficult to be found, they substituted it with pineapple and…  Pineapple Tart was born! For some Chinese who speak Hokian/ Fujian dialect, Pineapple is ong lai which means golden pear. That is why this pineapple tarts are often to be served during Chinese New Year! The sweet filling is a hope that next year we will have a sweet life, and a bright one. It is a good meaning, and also super delicious. 😀
The only downfall of this tart is it is a very time consuming to make. You need to make the filling first, then roll the filling one by one and roll the pastry one by one, then put the filling inside the pastry. Fiuh… lots of work there, and they are so delicious that they are easily gone by second! Sometimes I would like to make it in bigger size, so I don’t need to spend that much time to make them and it takes longer to munch. Hahahah…

In this video tutorial, I made them in a shape of “chicken” or rooster to welcome rooster year. But, just plain round tart with egg yolk brush on top also taste delicious! When I made this, my older son was “WAW-ing”, because they were so cute!! HOWEVER, after baked, some of them looked horrible and scary!!! 🙁  My son also helped me to decorate, I gave him 3 tarts to decorate, but they all ended up like a playdough, being poked with the bamboo stick.

This recipe is from my mom’s book, which I think is from my auntie.

Pineapple Tart or Nastar Nanas, made 50 tarts (size 3 cm in diameter):

Pineapple filling:
1 large pineapple or 2 small pineapple
100-125 gr sugar (adjust the sweetness, I used 100 gr sugar)
6 cloves

The pastry:
200 gr butter
60 gr icing sugar
1 egg yolk
280 gr all purpose flour
1 tbsp maizena or corn starch

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Selamat Hari Raya Tahun Baru Imlek 2017!! Menyambut kedatangan tahun ayam api dengan senyum lebar dan tangan penuh nastar nanas untuk dimakan. Hehehe.
Nastar nanas ini salah satu cookies yang paling doyan kumakan kalau lagi hari xincia, rasanya enak, kulitnya lumer lumer wangi butter gitu waktu di mulut. Hm… Nyummy!!

Setelah coba cari-cari di google, ternyata asal muasal nastar ini berasal dari Belanda. Jadinya waktu jaman invasi Belanda dulu, mereka kepingin makan kue tart mereka yang biasanya diisi oleh apel atau blueberry. Tapi pada waktu itu, apel dan blueberry tidak ada atau susah didapatkan di Indonesia, jadinya diisi dengan nanas deh. Dan, akhirnya lahirlah NASTAR! Untuk masyarakat Tionghoa yang ber-dialect Hokian, nanas itu dibaca ong-lai yang artinya buah pir emas. Jadi nastar bisa diartikan sebagai sajian yang berarti manis, membawa rejeki dan kebahagiaan.

Di video tutorial, saya bikin nastar-nya bentuk ayam untuk menyambut tahun ayam. Tapi bentuk bulat-bulat biasa atau bentuk lainnya juga bisa kok. Waktu bikin ini, anak pertama ku (umur 2 tahun) liat dan bilang “wow… chicken, hao piao liang, waw… waw”. Dia kepengen ikutan bikin ayam-nya juga, jadinya kukasih 3 bulat-bulatan untuk dihias. Akhirnya malah ditusuk tusuk dengan tusuk lidi jadi kayak mainan playdough. Sebelum dipanggang, lucu semua cute alim2 gitu kayak anak ayam. Setelah dipanggang, sprinkle bulat-bulat yang buat bikin mulut lumer dan jadinya malah keliatan agak seram ayamnya. Tapi rasanya tetap enak.

Resep ini saya ambil dari buku resep mama-ku, dan sepertinya resep ini dari adik mama. Kue nastar itu enak ya, tapi bikinnya itu capek, mesti bulet-buletin satu satu isian nanasnya, mesti bulet-buletin adonan kulitnya, trus dibungkus, trus bulet-buletin lagi atau dibikin bentuk lain. Bikinnya benar-benar mesti telaten, sabar dan rapi (bukan diriku banget! :P). Makan kue nastar cepat habis, ga sebanding dengan waktu buat bikinnya :D, hehe. Tapi kalau dibikin sambil ngobrol sama teman atau nonton K-drama, ga berasa ya…. 😉

Pineapple Tart or Nastar Nanas, untuk 50 nastar (ukuran 3 cm):

Isian nanas:
1 nanas ukuran besar atau 2 ukuran nanas ukuran sedang.
100-125 gr gula (manisnya bisa disesuaikan, aku pakai 100 gr)
6 cengkeh

Bahan kulit:
200 gr mentega
60 gr gula halus
1 kuning telur
280 gr tepung terigu
1 sdm maizena

Tiger skin matcha roll cake/ Cake roll matcha kulit macan/ 虎皮绿茶卷蛋糕


I saw this cake usually on the display of Asian or Chinese bakery and feel intrigued on how they make the tiger skin pattern on the top of the roll cake. It is really pretty, and interesting. So, I’ve tried several recipes, and found one which I feel the best. Sometimes the tiger skin pattern appears more, and some not much. In my opinion, it depends on your oven temperature. It must be really hot when you put in the tray, so the skin is kind of form during baking. But it is also important to check the skin as the oven temperature is so high, it can get burn or brown easily. My suggestion is to wait in front of the oven for the first 3 minutes 😉 And probably reduce the temperature once the tiger skin has formed.

For the roll cake, it is up to you whatever flavor or filling you want. I just feel like a bit matcha matchy kind of day, so I made matcha roll cake. It was really good!!! If you are a fans of matcha or matcha frapucinno from starbucks (me!!), this cake is very nyumm! 😀 I served this for my friend who doesn’t like sweet or cake, and she finished 2 slices plus took 3 slices home for her family! I am so happy when I know that my cooking is lovable and liked by many!

Recipe, for 12 inch or 28 cm length roll cake:

Tiger skin (12 x 12 inch) or 28 cm square cake pan:
6 egg yolks
45 gr icing sugar
25 gr corn starch

Matcha roll cake (11 x 14 inch) or 28 x 36 cm rectangular pan:
5 egg whites
1 tsp lemon juice/ cream of tar tar
pinch of salt
110 gr sugar
5 egg yolks
75 gr vegetable oil (I used canola oil)
110 ml milk
115 gr cake flour or all purpose flour
10 gr matcha powder



Roll cake dengan motif kulit macan/ tiger skin roll cake. Hm… dengarnya saja sudah merasa tertarik. Biasanya cake ini aku ketemu di toko bakery Asia yang jual roti-roti lembut. Kadang suami suka beliin roll cake, buat dessert waktu anak-anak sudah tidur 😀

Waktu bikin kue ini, pas teman ku datang, dia orangnya ga doyan dessert yang manis manis deh, tapi waktu kukasih sepotong, eh.. dia nambah. Katanya enak!! 😀 Gak cuma nambah, dia juga bawa pulang 3 potong buat dikasih coba keluarganya. Soalnya enak banget sih katanya. Hehe… yang bikin dengernya jadi GR. ;P
Bikin roll cake sebenarnya ga susah, asal sudah tahu trik dan caranya. Yuk langsung aja ke resepnya dan video tutorial-nya untuk langkah-langkah pembuatannya.

Recipe, untuk kue dengan panjang 12 inci atau 28 cm:

Tiger skin (12 x 12 inch) atau 28 cm loyang persegi:
6 kuning telur
45 gr gula tepung
25 gr tepung pati jagung

Matcha roll cake (11 x 14 inch) atau 28 x 36 cm loyang persegi panjang:
5 putih telur
1 tsp lemon juice/ cream of tar tar
garam sejumput
110 gr gula
5 telur kuning
75 gr minyak sayur (aku pakai minyak canola)
110 ml susu cair
115 gr tepung terigu
10 gr tepung matcha


Hot Dog Bun ala Chinese Bakery/ Resep Roti isi Sosis/ 香肠面包


Sausage bun ala Chinese/ Asian Bakery is one of the easiest, and staple breakfast menu at our home. This recipe produces soft fluffy bun, a typical Chinese/ Asian bakery like Bread Talk or Bread Top. The recipe makes about 30 buns, plenty to share and eat for the next day. I made this usually the day before for afternoon snack, store the left over in airtight container, and they would be still fresh the next morning. I usually put them in the oven to warm them up before serving. Nyummy nyummy!

You can substitute the hot dog with other filling too, I made some with chocolate filling as I run out hot dog. I think if I put some bbq pork filling, it will be tasty too! Like in yumcha, or red bean filling, oh.. so many possibilities. Use whatever filling you like and available 🙂

The mixing process took me 25-30 minutes, it was pretty long because I used all purpose flour. If you can find bread flour, use half (175 gr) bread flour, and another half 175 gr all purpose flour. Bread flour has more protein, which form more gluten, results in tougher bread. While all purpose flour contains medium protein content, so by combining two types of flour, you may not need to beat the dough for too long. But if you don’t have bread flour, like I did, all purpose flour is doing just fine.

Recipe, makes 30 bun

Starter, prepared 12 hours ahead:
150 gr all purpose flour
150 gr warm water
1/4 tsp bread instant active yeast

Bread dough:
350 gr all purpose flour
6 gr bread instant active yeast
80 gr sugar
1 egg
80-100 ml warm milk (the amount of milk depends on the flour absorption, add slowly during mixing process). You may need less or more.
80 gr butter
1 tsp salt

The starter can be fermented in the fridge for 12-20 hours. But, make sure it won’t be more than 20 hours. After 20 hours, the yeast will start to produce acid. Usually I made the starter in the evening.


Roti isi sosis? Siapa yang tidak suka, gurih dan nikmat. Cocok banget untuk sarapan pagi, bekal ke sekolah, snack sore. Hm…. Roti isi sosis yang biasa kita beli di toko bakery Asia punya ciri khas roti yang lembut, wangi dan tidak “berat”. Kalau orang barat roti-nya cenderung keras karena menurut yang pernah diajarkan waktu di bangku kuliah, mereka punya lebih banyak enzim di saliva-nya sehingga lebih bisa “mengunyah” roti ala barat yang keras-keras gitu teksturnya.

Okay, jadinya roti ini enak banget! Biasanya dijual dalam 3 bentuk, bentuk spiral di lilit aja sosisnya, bentuk kepang dibungkus sosisnya, atau bentuk caterpillar/ pizza gitu, bisa disobek potongan sosisnya. Bentuk mana saja tergantung selera, tapi keluarga ku paling suka bentuk caterpillar/ pizza karena ada taburan keju, saus tomat dan mayo di atasnya. Lebih gurih dan spesial! 🙂

Tepung terigu untuk bikin roti ini adalah campuran tepung roti dan tepung biasa. Tepung roti, seperti terigu cakra kembar memiliki kadar protein yang tinggi, sehingga akan lebih banyak dan cepat terbentuk gluten. Gluten adalah protein pada roti yang memberi tekstur serat-serat begitu loh. Di video tutorial, saya mixer adonan selama 25-30 menit karena tepung yang saya pakain tepung biasa saja (segitiga biru). Jadi butuh waktu lebih lama agar terbentuk gluten.

Roti ini juga enak untuk diisi isian apa aja, atau jadi roti bulat manis aja. Di tutorial ini, aku juga bikin roti isi cokelat. Enak wangi, cuman jangan dikasih makan dedek buat sore-sore, nanti malam ga bisa tidur. Kebanyakan gula, untuk sarapa saja!! 😀  Langsung ke resepnya:

Resep roti isi sosis, untuk 30 roti

Adonan awal:
150 gr tepung terigu biasa (segitiga)
150 gr air hangat
1/4 sdt instant active yeast

Adonan roti:
350 gr tepung terigu segitiga atau setengah terigu segitiga, setengah terigu cakra kembar
6 gr instant active yeast
80 gr gula pasir
1 butir telur
80-100 ml susu hangat (jumlah susu tergantung pada kemampuan hidrasi tepung, jadi disesuaikan ya)
80 gr mentega atau margarin
1 sdt garam

Adonan awal bisa disimpan di kulkas selama 12-20 jam. Tapi jangan lewat dari 20 jam ya, adonan-nya bisa mulai mengeluarkan rasa dan bau asam.

Happy baking!!

Peppa pig macaron (French method)

Peppa pig macaron, was loved by many, adults and children, at my son’s birthday party.
Macaron, was one of the dessert that I have tried so many times, failed so many times, yet I still keep on trying to make them. It is not my favourite dessert, because it is so sweet and full of sugar, but still I have tried ‘million’ times to make them. Why?? One side I guess because I think macaron itself is very cute and my ego wants me to conquer these little cute fragile famous super sweet dessert. So, I kept on trying, I even enrolled in one time macaron class back then to learn this little cookies.

I have got one recipe that works for me, and I still sometimes eager try another recipe. Just to see if they work or it is another curious side of me. I have tried the italian meringue method, which many said is the easiest one, but I tried twice, and they failed for me, so I am back with French meringue method.


Peppa pig macaron

Peppa pig macaron


    Peppa pig macaron:
  • 75 gr egg white
  • 67 white sugar
  • 85 gr ground almond/ almond meal
  • 110 gr powdered sugar/ icing sugar
    Raspberry chocolate ganache:
  • 150 gr dark chocolate
  • 50 ml whipped cream/ thickened cream
  • 2 tbsp raspberry jam/ raspberry puree

To make these peppa pig macaron, you need to find a peppa pig (just the head) on google. Copy the image to microsoft word and set the size you wanted. You can make another side of the macaron a plain circle or make a mirror image

My son is the biggest fan of peppa pig, and I think most of the young kids too. The story and animation are very interesting and easy to understand, despite sometimes I think Peppa likes to bully Daddy pig in kind of nice way. Poor Daddy pig 🙂

I made these peppa pig macaron for my son’s second birthday, and once I put them on display, almost all the toddlers got ‘hysterical’!! Yep, I do not mean to be hyperbole, but they really do love peppa pig. I was happy that my creation has received so much love, not only from the toddlers, but also from my friends (who are the parents), they love peppa pig too as I do.