Easy Pandan Chiffon Recipe/ Cara Mudah Membuat Chiffon Pandan/ 潘丹雪纺蛋糕做法

Easy Pandan Chiffon Recipe, this recipe is super easy! Kids can also help to make it. My sons, they were too young, they watched me made this, and tried to help, but got lots of ‘shusshh’ and ‘noooo’ from me! Wait till you guys older okay? 🙂

The key to a good and high chiffon is the consistency of the egg white. The egg white needs to be on stiff peak, but not over. Make sure to fold all other ingredients but not to deflate the egg white.

The cake is baked in quite low temperature for quite some time, so it can slowly raise and hold it’s shape. After out of from the oven, make sure to cool it upside down with a long neck bottle (like wine or soysauce bottle).
I was not ‘gently’ enough when taking out the cake from the pan, so my cake was not perfect and smooth! As I was going to bring it to my son’s playgroup to share with others kids and moms, I decorate it with hundreds and thousand! And also to cover the imperfection ;D.

The cake tasted beautiful, with a hint of sweetness from the coconut cream, and fragrant aroma of pandan. This is the easy recipe, so I used pandan essence, but if you want to make your own pandan juice, make sure it is thick and concentrated. We don’t want to add a lot of liquid (pandan juice) to the cake batter, because it will thin in out, so in this case, pandan essence is the best choice!

Pandan Chiffon Cake Recipe, made 1 chiffon cake:

7 egg whites
1 tbsp lemon juice or 1/2 tsp cream of tar tar
120 gr white sugar
pinch of salt
7 yolks
125 gr coconut cream
80 gr vegetable oil
150 gr cake flour/ low protein flour/ plain flour
1 tsp pandan essence

Resep Chiffon Pandan, untuk 1 loyang chiffon:

7 butir telur putih
1 sdm air jeruk lemon/ nipis atau 1/2 sdt cream of tar tar
120 gr gula pasir
garam sejumput
7 butir kuning telur
125 gr santan kental
80 gr minyak makan atau minyak goreng
150 gr tepung terigu kunci
1 sdt pasta pandan

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