Walnut pie “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” inspired/ Kue pie kacang walnut/ 核桃派

I am a big fan of Korean drama, and currently I have just finished watching “strong woman Do Bong Soon”, and I am in love with it. The main couple in the drama is just too cute, and so sweet… just like most romantic K-drama. In the drama, Bong Soon’s parents open a walnut pie shop, and everytime I watched the scene with walnut pie, I was drooling. It just looked so delicious and inviting! So, after I finished the series, it just felt not complete without having a big slice of walnut pie. So, here is the recipe of walnut pie that I made. Oh ya, this recipe is not from the movie, but I hope it can help to fill the curiosity of those who is like me, wondering about walnut pie while watching the drama :D.

Walnut Pie, made 25 cm in diameter tart tin:
For the tart:

200 gr low protein flour
100 gr butter cold
70 gr sugar
1 whole egg
pinch of salt

For the filling:
25 gr hot boiling water
25 gr butter
4 eggs
100 gr starch syrup, such as rice or corn starch syrup
100 gr brown sugar
1 tbsp cinnamon powder
1 tbsp vanilla extract
200 gr walnut


It is important to chill/ rest the dough to prevent the tart shrinkage when baked, and also to prevent crack when the dough is rolled and transferred to the tart tin.
The blind bake the tart shell with unbaked/ raw walnut. If you have walnut that has been baked/ cooked, use bean/ rice or baking beads for blind bake.
Pour the filling gently, let it takes time to spread to the pan. I made with just a bit of overflow, if too much overflow, it may burn the bottom and side of the tart shell.
There was some tart dough leftover, so, I made some animal biscuits from it, the kids love it!
ps:  I love the ending of the drama!!! super sweet and cute… I don’t want to spoiler those who hasn’t watched it yet! But it is a good drama to watch when you have free time!

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