Oreo Black Charcoal Roll Cake/ Bolu Gulung Hitam Oreo/ 奥利奥 卷蛋糕

Hai, another post with another cake roll recipe. Actually while I am typing for the tittle, I was a bit confused. Is it cake roll or roll cake? When I tried to google it, some of the recipes came out with ‘cake roll’ and some with ‘roll cake’. Well, confused as before! 😛
This cake roll/ roll cake is very sophisticated, with the black color and the black bit from the crushed oreo in the cream. Very cool for moustache party/ similar kind ;p. I like to make this roll cake, it was really fun, the black colour turned out very nice. I used activated charcoal, food grade of course. I bought a jar of activated charcoal weight 200 gr to make the so popular charcoal peeling mask. It turned out I only need a couple of teaspoon of it, so I still have a lot of it. What would I do with the rest of it, bake some cake!!! 😀

This recipe is the same as my other roll cake recipe, like my matcha roll cake recipe, never failed me. So soft and fluffy, and most of the time, it won’t break when rolled. I just modified with the addition of cocoa powder and charcoal powder to make it like Oreo, so delicious!

Oreo Black Charcoal roll cake (11 x 14 inch) or 28 x 36 cm rectangular pan:
5 egg whites
1 tsp lemon juice/ 1/4 tsp cream of tar tar
100 gr sugar
5 egg yolks
75 gr vegetable oil (I used canola oil)
110 ml milk
100 gr cake flour or all purpose flour
20 gr cocoa powder
5 gr food grade charcoal powder/ black food colorant

200 ml whipped cream or thickened cream or half and half
30 gr sugar
100 gr oreo crushed

Watch video tutorial here:


Bolu gulung hitam oreo ini warnanya hitam, warna yang agak tidak biasa kalau untuk kue. Hasilnya cantik dan bisa dibilang keren, 😀 Warna hitam ini didapatkan dari bubuk arang yang food grade, tapi kalau susah mendapatkan bubuk arang, pakai pewarna makanan warna hitam juga bisa kok. Bubuk arang ini kubeli dengan tujuan untuk bikin masker peeling arang yang lagi kekinian banget, hehe. Masih sisa banyak, bingung mau diapain, yah coba-coba bikin kue. jadinya oke juga! 😉
Resep bolu gulung ini hampir sama dengan resep bolu gulung lain, resep bolu gulung matcha, cuma dimodifikasi sedikit dengan bubuk coklat dan bubuk arang tentunya! Kue gulung ini kalau dibikin buat arisan, mungkin oke ya, tapi rasanya kalau untuk ulang tahun, jangan dulu deh 🙂
Selamat mencoba ya! 😀

Bolu gulung hitam oreo (11 x 14 inch) atau 28 x 36 cm loyang persegi panjang:
5 putih telur
1 tsp lemon juice/ 1/4 sdt cream of tar tar
100 gr gula
5 telur kuning
75 gr minyak sayur (aku pakai minyak canola)
110 ml susu cair
100 gr tepung terigu
20 gr tepung coklat cocoa
5 gr tepung arang food grade/ pewarna makanan hitam

Isian krim:
200 ml krim kocok atau whipping cream
30 gr gula pasir
100 gr oreo, hancurkan kasar

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