Mango Coconut Sago Jelly/ Agar-agar mangga biji mutiara kelapa/ 芒果椰子西米果冻

Since I was kid, usually agar-agar jelly was one of my favourite snack for afternoon tea or just after lunch dessert. As I am growing up, I made them less and less frequent. Usually I just made them plain, with plain white agar-agar, or when I feel a bit different, I would use flavoured pack. When I feel like I want to get fancier, I would like to use fruit puree or juice and milk to make it more special. This recipe with mango is not a traditional Indonesian recipe, we usually like our agar-agar jelly plain. This is more like Thailand/ Hongkong type of dessert. Mango, coconut and sago pearl, they kind of match together. So, here is the recipe to make this easy, simple yet delicious dessert jelly.

Recipe for total volume 1 liter of jelly.

Mango layer:
2-4 mangoes depend on size, to make up 250-500 ml of puree. More mango part to water part will result in deeper orange colour and tastier jelly. I did mine at 250 ml puree.
Water adequately to make up total volume 800 ml.
1 pack of agar-agar Swallow brand, approximately 7 gr. Or other agar-agar brand, adjust and read the instruction on agar-agar to water ratio.
50-80 gr sugar, depends on taste.

For coconut sago layer:
200 ml coconut milk
150 ml water
40 gr small tapioca pearl
1/2 tsp salt
2 gr agar-agar powder, around 3/4 tsp
Pandan leaves, 10 cm (optional)

Watch how to make them here:

Resep untuk total volume 1 liter agar-agar jelly:

Lapisan mangga:
2-4 buah mangga, tergantung ukuran. Untuk membuat 250-500 ml jus mangga. Semakin banyak bagian mangga daripada bagian air, hasil akhir akan lebih orange warnanya, dan rasanya lebih enak. Aku buat di 250 ml jus mangga.
Air secukupnya hingga volume mencapai 800 ml.
1 bungkus agar-agar plain/ putih merek swallow. Atau kalau pakai agar-agar bubuk merek lain, baca ratio agar-agar dan air ya.
50-80 gr gula, tergantung selera.

Lapisan kelapa mutiara:
200 ml santan
150 ml air
40 gr biji mutiara
1/2 tsp garam
2 gr agar-agar, sekitar 3/4 sdt
Pandan 10 cm, opsional.

Cara pembuatannya bisa dilihat di youtube ya!
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