Strawberry Ogura Cake Recipe/ Resep Kue Ogura Stoberi/ 草莓相思蛋糕

Strawberry Ogura Cake Recipe/ Resep Kue Ogura Stoberi/ 草莓相思蛋糕Valentine’s day is only a few days left! Have you got plan with your loved one? 😀 My hubby told me he was going to buy me flower and teddy bear with a heart, and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please just save me the money for the Europe trip ;p
Haha, it was not like you know when you were just a boyfriend and a girlfriend, where flower, chocolate and teddy bear is kind of Valentine’s day thing. It is something more for now, not just two of us, but for family. Well, sometimes, it is nice to have something like that to spice up the romance, but I guess this year I am not really into flower and teddy bear, hehe.
Even so, I would like to bake something for my hubby and my kids this Valentine’s day. Something pink and sweet (but not too sweet, because my hubby doesn’t like sweet, and it is not too good for kids’ teeth if it is too sweet).

Anyway, I came across this Instagram profile long time ago @tintinrayner. She has lots of beautiful delicious looking cake and bread! All are so pretty and cute, with recipe too! Some of her photos are about ogura cake. I never made ogura cake before, one of the reason because it takes 60 minutes to bake. I got no patience for just a pan of cake ;*, but because of her beautiful gallery, I tried. And I love it! Ogura cake is so fluffy, light and pretty low in calorie, so I can eat half pan of cake without too much worry (ooppsie ;p).
So, the recipe comes from Instagram profile @tintinrayer with a little bit of modification.

Strawberry Ogura Cake Recipe, makes 8 inch or 20 cm square cake pan:

5 egg whites
1/8 tsp cream of tartar or 1/2 tsp lemon juice
70 gr sugar
pink food coloring
5 yolks plus 1 whole egg
90 gr cake flour
50 gr oil (I used canola oil)
125 gr fresh strawberry blended to puree

watch VIDEO TUTORIAL how to make them together:

My hubby came back home today with one bunch of flower and one pot of flower! 😮 So surprised! Asked him how much he spent for them, he didn’t want to tell me, but then finally he told me, they were on sale! :O Hahaha, he also brought crispy pork belly from Hongkong BBQ shop, and that was actually all I want for Valentine’s day, ;p!

Cake ogura stroberi, teksturnya lembut, rasanya tidak terlalu manis, ditambah dengan puree stroberi, ada aroma lembut stroberi yang manis. Kue ini cocok banget untuk hari Valentine, buat ngopi ngeteh sore sama teman, pasangan atau keluarga kamu.
Suami ku orangnya ga suka manis, ga suka makan kue dessert, jadinya tiap kali bikin kue, ga ada yang makan deh. Anak-anak masih kecil, ga bisa makan manis-manis terlalu banyak. Jadinya, setiap bikin kue yang berat dan pake buttercream , mau-nya bikin agak kecil, soalnya bisa ga habis, cuman aku yang makan.

Kue ogura ini sebenarnya perlu dipanggang dengan waktu cukup lama, 60 menit di oven dengan metode steam air panas. Awal awal liat resep ini, rasanya ga mau bikin karena waktu panggang-nya yang lama. Tapi setelah ngikutin instagram @tintinrayner yang penuh dengan foto-foto kue yang cantik dan nyummy, tergoda lah aku untuk buat ogura cake. Resep ogura cake ini aku ikutin resep strawberry yoghurt ogura cake-nya ci @tintinrayner, cuma aku modifikasi sedikit, tanpa yoghurt dan kurangin gula-nya karena suami-ku ga suka manis. ;D

Resep Kue Ogura Stroberi, untuk loyang 8 inci atau 20 cm persegi

5 telur putih
1/8 sdt cream of tartar atau 1/2 sdt air jeruk lemon atau limau
70 gr gula pasir
pewarna makanan pink
5 kuning telur plus 1 telur utuh
90 gr tepung terigu protein rendah (kunci biru)
50 gr minyak makan (aku pakai minyak canola)
125 gr stroberi segar diblender.

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